Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Less is More

Ideas come without warning sometimes and I'm impatient so I like to seize on them, then and there. For me, the more complex, equipment-driven a technique is, the less I want to do it. It feels like barriers are being put in place between me and my idea.  These barriers are money, time and space all three of which are always connected.
I love printing. Print feels substantial, strong and cries out to be shared. I'm always drawn to that kind of bold artwork. However, I don't have the money, time or space to set up a screenprint studio. I don't want to make intricate lino or woodcut prints (though I love other peoples'). I want to just get my ideas down quickly, on a budget, at home in my little room.

I have some beautiful books on blockprinting which have massively inspired me but even they have been offputting at  times with lists of specialist tools and materials that I appear to need before I can make my image (that is itching to be made, right now!).

I have instead made things as simple and cheap as I can for myself to just get the job done.
My rubber stamps are not special, they are poundshop erasers. I carve them with a craft knife and my fingernails. I only spend major money on ink (basically unavoidable when printing).

  Initially I spent some frustrating hours trying to carve delicate patterns into my rubberstamps, at the end of which I was so peed off that I usually gave up on the idea I had. Now I am kind to myself and my ideas and stick to a handful of simple shapes and make them WORK for me. They are more striking in their simplicity, they always make me feel something and I can do them where I am sat typing right now. No ten-step barrier that kills my idea. Bish Bash Bosh.

What I always hope is people see my work and think "I could do that". Obviously I don't hope for a rip off of my work, that's always just bad manners, but the DOING of something unique by someone else after seeing my work. All I have done is thought it, then done it. Simple as that. Money, equipment, technical nouse, specialist training  - brilliant if you have access to them. Don't be discouraged if you don't. Find another way!

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  1. You clever clogs. Great idea.
    Love the colours too. Reminds me of Fruit Salad (the "penny" sweets)