Thursday, 28 April 2016

The life of an over-thinker is an over-thought one. After much consideration about how and when to start this new version of an old blog I realised that at the moment, I'm the only one reading it. 
It makes most sense to start it now and start it right here. I'm the harshest critic I know and I'm happy with that so here and now it is.

We are 117 days into 2016 and I am 117 days into (almost) having kept my New Year resolutions. So far so good. A few of them were quite lame, as is tradition, but others were a real challenge for me and my insanely brilliant procrastination skills.
One was to draw, or make art everyday which I have done thanks to Instagram and the addiction to posting and sharing amongst some staggering creative talent. 
Another was to rescue the room of one's own I had craved for so long and then promptly neglected (abused?) as soon as I got it. Self sabotage is a theme I will pick up again at a later date so will not drone on about it now. I redecorated, de-cluttered and as predicted (thanks Marie Kondo) all my creative blocks were gone and I haven't looked back since.
Perhaps the most important was to take action on a creative plan I've been harbouring for years and which I am going to document and develop here. It is, as I am, a work in progress but progress it must.

I'm going to get to grips with my blog as I go along so it will change, change and change again until I'm happy with how it looks and sounds. If you are reading this, great - thank you for calling. I'll have the kettle on next time.

Sarah x